Benefits Of Yin Yoga

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At first glance, Yin yoga may appear slow and uneventful, but Yin practitioners know that it is anything but. With its sequences of stretching posture, Yin yoga is based on a Taoist tradition and it is intended to cool and alleviate stillness of the body. With Yin yoga, you can get the beneficial therapeutic effects without spending any money on expensive physical therapy, which can also take much longer just to see any results.

Keeping that in mind, we are going to take a look at some of the many benefits you could get by performing Yin yoga exercises regularly. Let’s get started:

Benefits Of Yin Yoga

Improved Flexibility – Yin yoga stretches your muscles and it can affect deep connective tissues between the fascia and muscles. This improves blood circulation and flexibility of the joints, making your joints and bones stronger.

Eliminate Stress – our mind is often the most overworked part of our body and we don’t have time to take good care of it. If you are living in a world of appointments and deadlines, then stress and anxiety could always be around with you. With Yin yoga, you can assign a peaceful time to slow your mind down.

It’s Easy –Yin yoga is often easier than more dynamic forms of yoga and it works well for beginner students. The slow pace of Yin yoga gives beginners more time to learn and practice their technique. They can do gentle meditation postures to calm their minds and slow their breathing patterns down.

Better Understanding Of Your Own Body –  Yin yoga makes you more intimate with your mind and body. You will understand your emotions, internal sensations and feelings better. If you have a fast-paced life, it is likely that you ignore these emotions. With Yin yoga, you can listen more to your body and you can slow down the hectic pace. You recognise your thoughts clearly to deal with any emerging negative emotions. You will be more grateful and present in the moment. If you can achieve all of these, you will get closer to your authentic self.

Improve Perseverance And Fortitude – when life is getting tough, you should turn to your Yin yoga exercises. Often after a 20-minute session, you will feel that everything seems better. Stress and frustration happen if you are getting stuck mentally and everything is too overwhelming. For beginners, they often feel the internal drama peak as they hold their Yin pose. All the bad memories re-emerge, causing them to want to leave the pose. However, it is an opportunity for you to create a place of comfort where you can deal with those bad memories peacefully.

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Benefits Of Yoga Retreats

Benefits Of Yoga Retreats

Yoga is an incredibly beneficial form of relaxation and meditation, which not only helps to soothe and heal our bodies, but it can have a positive effect on our minds as well. One of the best ways to experience the healing powers of yoga is by taking a yoga class, led by an experienced instructor. While yoga can be effectively performed solo just about anywhere you have enough room, it is much more effective when performed in a group setting. There is something different about all of the separate energies in the room coming together for a single purpose.

With that being said, is there a way that we can increase the effectiveness of the class experience? There is, in fact, and it’s in the form of a yoga retreat.

Yoga retreats offer a wide range of benefits for both the instructor and the students. From fostering a sense of community among students, to creating an experience that is unmatched by any traditional yoga class. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of a custom tailored yoga retreat:

Benefits Of Yoga Retreats – for both teachers and students

Promotes Big Picture Thinking – a yoga retreat can help the yoga instructor take a look at their business from a much broader perspective. They can see where their business is and decide where they want to take it. Just being in a different environment helps with this.

It’s A Great Time To Introduce Goals – a yoga retreat offers instructors and students an opportunity to communicate better and more openly. From the teachers point of view, it’s also a good time to introduce goals such as new class offerings, classes for advanced students and more.

Students’ Hidden Talents Can Shine – in a traditional yoga classroom setting, we often don’t see how well one student is doing when compared to another. A yoga retreat enables students to spread out more and instructors can see what each student excels at, and if anyone needs additional help. It can also really help to inspire and motivate students to continue and deepen their practice when they return home.

Students Connect Beyond The Studio – a yoga retreat enables students to connect beyond the yoga studio and make new friends, all while strengthening the relationships they have already created with other students. Typically, students leave right after class and don’t think about the people they practice yoga with until the next class. A small personalised retreat venue can help with this.

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