Venue Owners Mentorship and Coaching

Venue Owners Mentorship and Coaching

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Elliot and Jeremy from TFS Retreats offer 30 and 60 day 1-2-1 mentorship programmes to retreat venue and property owners, aimed at helping them start, grow and systemise their retreat venue business.

This mentorship is for:

  • New retreat venue owners who want to attract new clients
  • Current holiday home owners or agents who want to get more bookings by offering their property for retreats
  • Current retreat venue owners who are struggling to get enough clients

If you’re one of the above, our mentorship programme is just for you. Let us save you months of stress by avoiding the same mistakes we made.

We focus on implementation, support and actionable knowledge. We help to walk you through all the processes, rather than just provide information.

We only work with a couple venue owners at a time so we can focus on providing the best possible service, tailored to you.

Included in this mentorship programme:

  • Discovery call for us to fully understand your situation and create a strategy for moving forward
  • The best strategies to market your venue to attract high quality experienced yoga teachers/retreat leaders and maximise your occupancy year round. Many seasonal retreat venues can achieve 25+ weeks a year booked.
  • All the resources, tools and templates you need to start, grow and systemise your retreat venue business with step by step guidance, from rental contracts to payment invoice and catering schedules.
  • How to quickly and effectively set up your property for yoga retreats
  • Weekly calls with retreat venue experts, Elliot and Jeremy, to help better understand your unique situation, walk you through the process and answer questions
  • How to easily tap in to the growing market of yoga teachers
  • Revenue management and pricing your venue to maximise rental income. Competitive pricing to attract retreat leaders to you.
  • Providing extra services and making additional income, catering, transport and excursions and finding great local people.
  • Industry tips to provide a top quality, professional service that will have your clients returning again and again
  • Becoming a trusted partner of TFS Retreats and entry to our website listing and commission based referrals
  • The opportunity to visit our venues to learn about our operations and the service we provide to guests
  • Actionable insights from industry experts – both retreat venue owners and yoga teachers
  • Growing your business by taking on more venues
  • Further opportunities to work together in marketing your venue
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Mentorship Pricing and Conditions

Silver Mentorship Level

Gold Mentorship Level

Free resources:

6 Best Ways To Market Your Retreat Venue


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Who are we?

We are father and son property entrepreneurs Jeremy and Elliot. Together we have over 40 years experience in business and 20 years experience in the hospitality industry. Jeremy is the previous owner of the now renowned Hotel No.14 in Verbier, Switzerland ( and they now both own and operate a short term accommodation portfolio in the UK and Spain (

We started our retreat venue business, TFS Retreats, in 2014 ( at Villa La Pena in Tarifa, Spain, a 7 bedroom property we owned as a holiday home. For 10 years prior to this, we rented the property out through local holiday letting agents. Typically we’d be renting for the summer months, plus a couple of others here and there. 12 weeks would be a good achievement and would go some way to covering the costs of the property, although a property of this size is not cheap to run! Due to the costs involved, we seriously thought about selling the property before deciding to attempt to expand our season in some way.

A friend of ours came to look at the place one day and mentioned the potential for yoga retreat rentals, if we could make some changes to the place and advertise it correctly. Fast forward to today and we now rent this venue to yoga teachers for around 30 weeks a year (April-November) plus we still have kept the summer months free for holiday rentals. This means we now regularly achieve 35 weeks rented a year, a 200% increase in rentals and for about 25 of these weeks we sell various services to our retreat clients such as catering and transport. From this property alone, we achieve a six figure gross income, a big achievement considering the seasonality of holiday rental market in Spain.

Our model has proved popular and we now run retreats at other venues such as another 2 villas in Tarifa and another in Valencia. This amounts to around 60-70 retreats a year and increasing, as we build our client base and continue to improve our service. Although we only have around 30-40 clients, we have built up good relationships with them so many run multiple retreats a year and return year on year, often jumping between venues.

As the number of clients in business terms is relatively small, this is well within the reach of most venue owners, if they are willing to put the initial work in to find these people, nurture the relationship and provide a top quality service so they return again and again. We have also found that as the yoga teachers circle are quite closely knit, word of mouth is incredibly powerful and some of our best clients have been referred to us by others.

As we don’t live in or near to our retreat venues, our income from this is almost entirely remote and passive, although it has meant we’ve had to get the right local team in place to manage these things for us.

We truly believe that retreat venue rentals are an incredibly powerful tool for venue owners in the fast changing holiday let rental market. With many seasonal holiday rental properties sitting empty for over 8 months of the year, this is a strategy that can drastically increase occupancy. Although it’s a more hands on approach initially, it’s a very rewarding experience when guests leave feeling happy and willing to return next year.

VP of Sales & Marketing – Farran Amani

Having over 8 years of sales and marketing experience in various industries Farran has been an incredible asset to our business.

Owning his own Property Management & Holiday Let Company in the UK he was a perfect fit for helping us market our services, drive more sales, attract new clients, and venues into our company.

Having a background in Sales, Marketing, Social Media, Nutrition, Personal Training, and overall health & wellness, really made us feel confident that he knew how to market our business to the right people, certifying quality over quantity, and showed us how to maximise the LTV (Lifetime Value) of a customer ensuring they would come to us 3-4 times per year, by delivering a high quality service as well as building a long-lasting relationship with all clients.

Being a superb speaker and relationship builder, Farran has proven to be an inspirational mind-set coach and motivator, teaching the core skills necessary to run a successful company, along with a vast array of psychological techniques to build confidence in individuals and businesses alike, delivering an unbeatable mind-set in all areas of life.

He introduced to us the concept of ‘Solution Selling’, where you never have to convince anyone to buy your product or service, but how to tell a story that relates to your target audience and have them wanting your services without having to give the ‘hard-sell’.

Building his own successful business Radeon Rooms ( , he is a fantastic partner in helping others achieve the same results!

For more information or if you have further questions, please email

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