TFS Retreats is a family business owned by Elliot and Jeremy. They personally run the business and carefully control its quality along with other local people including chefs, masseurs and yoga teachers. 

As holiday rental owners and retreat operators themselves and having helped successfully host over 200 retreats, they are vastly experienced in this area.

Between them they have over 25 years experience in the holiday rental industry and have a passion for creating great guest experiences. No one size fits all so they look to personalise their offering to each guest. Their aim is to have guests returning again and again.

Elliot – Partner


Elliot has been running the operational side of TFS Retreats for 6 years. With a deep interest in health and wellness, he started running his own retreats in 2015. He now works closely with retreat leaders in the hosting and organisation of their retreat, making sure they run smoothly and that they are successful for both the teacher and their students. 

He has helped to build close relationships with local people who provide the necessary services for retreat leaders, so they can turn up and focus on their teaching, whilst feeling confident that everything else is taken care of. He is always happy to discuss ideas in detail with retreat organisers and work closely with them to ensure the best possible results. His aim is to build lasting business relationships with those who are serious about running multiple retreats.

 As the manager of a holiday let business in the UK and Spain, he has a strong understanding of what’s involved in the hospitality industry and how to deliver a top class service that guests will love.

Jeremy – Partner

Jeremy New About pic

A vastly experienced entrepreneur, Jeremy has operated businesses in various industries over the last 35 years. Being the previous owner of a boutique hotel in Verbier, Switzerland, (now the No.14 hotel), his expertise extends to the holiday and travel sector. This is where his passion to help guests create memorable experiences originated.

It is now with his properties in Spain where he looks to emulate elements of a high quality hotel offering. Being proficient in accounting and finance, he enjoys working closely with retreat leaders on the numbers for their retreat. He believes a successful retreat is one which works financially for all parties involved and this he strives to achieve with TFS Retreats.

Farran – VP of Sales and Marketing

Having over 8 years of sales and marketing experience in various industries Farran has been an incredible asset to our business.

Owning his own Property Management & Holiday Let Company in the UK he was a perfect fit for helping us market our services, drive more sales, attract new clients, and venues into our company.

Having a background in Sales, Marketing, Social Media, Nutrition, Personal Training, and overall health & wellness, really made us feel confident that he knew how to market our business to the right people, certifying quality over quantity, and showed us how to maximise the LTV (Lifetime Value) of a customer ensuring they would come to us 3-4 times per year, by delivering a high quality service as well as building a long-lasting relationship with all clients.

Being a superb speaker and relationship builder, Farran has proven to be an inspirational mind-set coach and motivator, teaching the core skills necessary to run a successful company, along with a vast array of psychological techniques to build confidence in individuals and businesses alike, delivering an unbeatable mind-set in all areas of life.

He introduced to us the concept of ‘Solution Selling’, where you never have to convince anyone to buy your product or service, but how to tell a story that relates to your target audience and have them wanting your services without having to give the ‘hard-sell’.

Building his own successful business Radeon Rooms (https://www.radeonrooms.co.uk) , he is a fantastic partner in helping others achieve the same results!

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