TFS Retreats is a family business owned by Elliot and Jeremy. They personally run the business and carefully control its quality along with other local people including chefs, masseurs and yoga teachers. 

As holiday rental owners and retreat operators themselves and having helped successfully host over 150 retreats, they are vastly experienced in this area.

Between them they have over 25 years experience in the holiday rental industry and have a passion for creating great guest experiences. No one size fits all so they look to personalise their offering to each guest. Their aim is to have guests returning again and again.



Deep interest in nutrition and health. Elliot started The Fitness Sanctuary to share his knowledge and to help people achieve their health goals. Having run Retreats for a number of years, he understands exactly what’s involved to make them successful, both logistically and financially. He is always happy to discuss ideas in detail with Retreat organisers and work closely with them to ensure the best possible results.


Jeremy New About pic

Jeremy is vastly experienced in business and high quality sports tourism. He developed the now renowned No14 Hotel in Verbier, Switzerland. He is a qualified accountant with a Master’s Degree from City University Business School.

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