How It Works

Yoga Retreats are an amazing chance for Yoga teachers like you to do what you love, whilst travelling and staying at beautiful overseas locations. And a fantastic opportunity to get paid handsomely for all of your hard work.

We aim to help Yoga teachers run their own successful Yoga Retreats, ensuring both the Yoga teacher and their students have a rewarding experience.

Whether it’s your first time running a Retreat or you’ve already undertaken several, we believe we can help you.

Rent Our Yoga Retreat Venues

Our venues are available for yoga teachers to rent and run their own yoga Retreats.

We also provide Retreat related services such as catering and transport.

Other optional available services include massage, local excursions and activities.

Our simple and clear pricing structure ensures there are no nasty surprises, so you know your Retreat makes financial sense.

Yoga Retreats offer great profit potential for Yoga teachers with existing students. We can help you work out the numbers with our easy to use Retreat Profit Calculator, which quickly estimates Retreat profits and lets you see how different combinations of services affect the profits.

Contact for pricing details.



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