50 Hour Yin Yoga Teacher Training

50 Hour Yin Yoga Teacher Training

Yoga Teacher Training4

Yoga Alliance Certificate 50 hrs CEP

(continuing education programme)

Tarifa, Spain – Luxury Retreat Venue



Saturday 21st March to 28th March 2020 (6 spaces left)

Prices per person

Prices include 7 nights accomodation, 3 meals per day and the complete 50 hour Yoga Teacher Training Programme

Triple room occupation (3 people sharing)                                            1,190 euros

Twin room occupation (2 people sharing)                                             1,290 euros

Single room occupation (1 person only – shared bathroom)              1,450 euros

Single room occupation (1 person only – private bathroom)              1,550 euros

Prices increase by 100 euros per person from 2 months before the Programme starts

To make a payment please see the bottom of the page or email elliot@tfsretreats.com

Daily Schedule

  • 7.30am –  9.30am                       Asana Practice, Meditation & Pranayama
  • 9.30am – 10.30am                      Breakfast
  • 10.30am – 12.00am                    Anatomy, Lecture, Video
  • 12.00am –  1.30pm                     Group work, Lecture
  • 1.30pm –  3.00pm                       Lunch
  • 3.00pm –  4.30pm                       Motion Analysis, Student teaching
  • 4.45pm –  6.30pm                       Asana Practice
  • 7.00pm                                         Dinner

Tuesdays – additional evening session from 8.00–10.00pm | Wednesdays – half day programme only, free time after lunch. The 50 hour Yin Yoga Course is held over 1 week from Saturday to Saturday, those days are arrival and departure days without any Teaching Programme. The course starts on Saturday at 6.00pm with a welcome meeting followed by dinner. The Programme finishes the following Saturday after breakfast at 11.00am.

 50 hour Yin Yoga Teacher Training Course Content 


  • Daily morning practice: intense 2hrs Yin Yoga class with different themes every
    day including meditation & pranayama
  • Yin Yoga Practice on the wall
  • Practice Yin Yoga related to the Meridians, stimulating the Qi along the Meridians
  • Afternoon Yin Yoga practice short sequences or student teaching
  • 35 Yin Yoga Asanas in theory and practice, breakdown of each Asana
  • Variations, modification and the use of props in each of the 35 Asanas
  • 3 Classes Yin & Yang ´It´s all about balance´ an Asana experience combining
    dynamic, creative Vinyasa Flow and deep opening and meditative Yin Yoga


  • Anatomy according to Paul Grilley
    Looking at the 14 segments of the bone structure
    Understanding the individual bone structure/skeleton
    Compression versus Tension, Orientation and Proportion
    (Limitation in all asanas & the uniqueness of the human body)
  • Fascia and Tensegrity (appreciate the role of connective tissues in relation to yoga
  • Motion analysis in the group, understanding the impact of individual bone structure in the Asana practice
  • Approach to the Meridian System (12 main meridians) and Chi Flow in Yin Yoga
  • Yin Yoga and Integration of Mudras
  • Fascinating world of Fascia `The matrix connective tissue`
  • Modern Meridian theory according to Dr. Motoyama (looking at the fascia network
    versus the energetic channels (Meridians)
  • Fascia research the newest results

Teaching Methodology

  • Yin Yoga sequencing and tools to teach a Yin Yoga class
  • How to communicate the value of Yin Yoga (teaching methodology Function versus Aesthetic)
  • Developing a functional approach to Yoga
  • Group work


  • The learning prescription (Shravana, Manana, Nididhyasa)
  • What is Yin Yoga about? Knowledge and understanding of the Yin Yoga approach (difference between a Yin passive and Yang dynamic style of Yoga)
  • Yin & Yang (The Chinese understanding how the world functions)


  • Study the benefits of the Yin Yoga Practice (physical, energetical, mental and
    emotional) and how Yin Yoga can improve your health
  • Pain relief through Yin Yoga stimulating the fascia
  • Chronic back pain, Hernia (slipped disc), pain therapy
  • Where does pain come from?
  • The impact of emotional stress to chronic pain

Twin Room (2 people sharing) – 30% Deposit

30% deposit is required at time of booking Final payment due two months before arrival All deposits are non refundable Reference for payment: start date of teacher training

387.00 €

Triple Room

357.00 €

Single Room (1 person only, shared bathroom) – 30% Deposit

30% deposit is required at time of booking Final payment due two months before arrival All deposits are non refundable Reference for payment: start date of teacher training

435.00 €

Single Room

465.00 €

Accommodation and venue details are here

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